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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Shultz Cemetery

This small cemetery is located in Lincoln Township, Huntingdon County, on property owned by the Houp family. It can be accessed from Rt. 26 on Fouse's Crossing Road. The cemetery is also known as the Bear or Bradley Cemetery. There are a number of unmarked field stones in the cemetery. You can view photos of the tombstones by clicking on the names.

John Shultz, 1791-1851, Mary (Beaver) Shultz, Henry Shultz, 1762-1830, Saloma Shultz, mother of John, Anthony Beaver, 1761-1839, Susanna (Clapper) Beaver, mother of Mary

Eva, wife of Henry Zimmerman, d. 9/22/1864 at 61y 8d

Margaret, daughter of Henry & Eva Zimmerman, d. 9/12/1853 at 9y 15d

Jacob, son of H. & E. Zimmerman, d. 3/20/1830 at 2y 6m 14d

Christian, son of H. & E. Zimmerman, d. 9/26/1844 at 8y 8m 12d

Daniel, son of H. & E. Zimmerman, d. 12/12/1830 at 2y 8m 12d

Elizabeth, daughter of H. & E. Zimmerman, d. 6/22/1837 at 3y 1m 3d

Mary, daughter of S. & C. Keely, d. 1/8/1835 at 13d

Jackson, son of S. & C. Keely, d. 4/4/1829 at 2m 1d

Daniel, son of John & Mary Shultz, d. 8/29/1846 at 14y 2m 7d

John Shultz, d. ___/___/1857 at 60y 5m, John, son of John & Mary, d. 3/16/1834 at 2y 7m 9d, Rachel, daughter of John & Mary, d. 1/22/1822 (?) at 6m 9d

Mary, wife of John Shultz, d. 9/26/1858 at 60y 2m 10d

R. Duncan, D. E., d. 4/6/1839 (date hard to read) at 83 or 88y

Sarah, daughter of E. & S. Duncan, d. 2/7/1847 at 12y 1m 7d

Robert, son of E. & S. Duncan, d. 12/21/1862 at 32y 4m 8d

Susan, wife of Edward Duncan, d. 10/10/______ at 72y 6m __d

Edward Duncan, d. 7/20/1874 at 83y 28d

George, son of George & Emily S________, d. 7/24/1846 at 17y 5m ___d

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