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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

SCS-9 Todd Township Company 308

Like the other camps, SCS-9 was under the supervision of the Army too; but unlike the other camps, the Soil Conservation Service rather than the Department of Forests and Waters was in charge of the work crews. Very little information exists on the camps operated by the Soil Conservation Service. These camps were sometimes placed on private property, and it is estimated that there were approximately 40 SCS camps in Pennsylvania. Camp SCS-9 was located along the Trough Creek outisde of Todd.

Of the 498 camps throughout the U. S., the main work from these camps may be summarized as building check dams, bank sloping, planting and seeding, ditches and channel clearing, and teaching the landowners and enrollees how to do strip cropping (Merrill, p. 36).

The above paragraphs were included in my research paper on the Civilian Conservation Corps in Huntingdon County. I have since learned that this camp was moved from the S-59 Seeger Farm camp. The Seeger Farm camp closed on October 31, 1935, and the company moved from Camp S-59 to Camp SCS-9 at Todd, PA. It is unknown exactly when the camp closed, but it was still open in 1936. While the work at McAlevy's Fort was forestry work, at Todd, the work was soil conservation.

 This photo was taken at SCS-9 Todd Township. The photo includes Tom Loudon in the front row, center with the hat on. It also lists Jackie Morris, Bill Marks, and a Hartline. This photo was shared by Tobin Civils.

You can view names of workers who served at the CCC camps by clicking on Civilian Conservation Corps Workers.

If you know of someone who served with the CCC, who is not listed on the worker's page, please complete a CCC Roll Call Form, and their name will be added to the list.

Additional Information

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources also maintains records on the CCC camps in Huntingdon County and Pennsylvania. For more information on the SCS-9 Todd Township camp, you can click on the link.

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