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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

The Woodcock Valley was dotted with little school houses, many of them just one room. Most of them still exist today, and have been saved and now serve a variety of purposes such as homes, social halls, and public places.

Teacher Roll Call

I am attempting to learn more about each of the school houses in the Woodcock Valley and the teachers who worked there. If you, or someone you know, attended a one or two room school house, please complete the Roll Call form with as much information as you can. I will compile the results I receive and hopefully start a page for as many schools as possible.

Woodcock Valley Teachers

Sometimes, as researchers, we know of an ancestor who was a teacher, but the time frame was so long ago that we may not know where they taught. This list is for those members of the Woodcock Valley who we know were teachers, but not necessarily when or where. If you have a name to add to this list, please let me know.



James Kennedy

bet. 1747-1819

Peter Thompson 

early 1800s

Davis Enyeart


Woodcock Valley Schools

To learn more about the Woodcock Valley schools, please click on a school below:

I know there were more schools in the Woodcock Valley, and I will add them as I find photos and/or teacher names. If you have information, please submit it!

One Room Schools

I once worked on a project for the Huntingdon County Historical Society on one room schools in Lincoln and Hopewell Townships. I also gathered information on the schools in Penn Township and Marklesburg as well. Click on the link below to see a list of all the schools.

Penn Township Schools

The following record shows the students enrolled in the Penn Township schools from 1942-1952. I have more information to add and will do so as time permits. The one thing you have to watch here is that most of these schools went until 8th grade. Some students were carried on the rolls through high school even if the student did not move on to high school. They were still school-aged children of Penn Township.

Teacher Roll Call Form

Bechtel School

Bowers School

Brumbaugh School

Grafton School

Grantsville School

Hill School

Marklesburg Schools

Mill School

Railroad School

Speck School

Upper Corner School

White School

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