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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

S-60 Whipple Place Company 399

Better known as the Owl’s Gap camp, Camp S-60 opened on June 5, 1933, and the camp was closed late in 1941 (Civilian Conservation Corps, 1983, p. 12). The work assignments for the enrollees consisted of building and improving roads and bridges, cutting and mowing trails, and other forest work. They built quite a few of the roads around the Whipple Dam area, including the North Meadows Road (Tracy, p. 6). The men also constructed the stone and earth dam to form the lake at Whipple Dam State Park (Shedd, p. 175).

This camp had several company numbers including 399, 1381, 3306-V, 1355-C. Company 399 was the original. Company 1381 came when camp S-112 closed prior to 1940. Company 3306-V was a group of veterans that came from S-65 at Treaster Kettle. Company 1355-C was a group of colored men who came from MP-2 at Gettysburg.

George Galla Sr. stands under the Camp S-60 sign at the Owl's Gap camp. His photo was submitted by his son, George Galla Jr.

The above photo is of George F. Kenawell in his dress uniform. He served at Camp S-60 from 1940-1941. George was from Hollidaysburg, PA. His son, Keith Kenawell shared this photo was well as other memorabilia which can be found in the CCC Photo Album.  

Barracks at the Whipple Place (Owl's Gap) camp

Photograph courtesy of Paul Fagley, Greenwood Furnace State Park

This is a photo of the overhead and rated men at the Owl's Gap camp in Petersburg, PA about 1935. The men include:

Top Row L-R: Marvil Gibbs, William Hugiro, Ronald Kennedy, Blair Gibboney, Hobert Bollingher, and Robert Bealer.

Middle Row L-R: Thomas R. Daugherty, Francis Cassiato, James Evans, Arthur Ercher, Debert Black, Raymond Ayers, Peter Irvich, and Edward Pavlisko.

Bottom Row L-R: Woodrow Bowman, Blair Snyder, Anthony Zurlo, Raymond Rosenblum, Edward Donahue, and Howard Graham.

Robert Bealer is the man circled in the photo. The photo was submitted by Frank Kroboth. All names were typed as they appear on the back of the photo. For more information on where these men were from and their roles, please see the Civilian Conservation Corps photo album for more details.

 These were the cooks at the Owl's Gap camp in Petersburg, Huntingdon Co., PA. They included:

Back Row L-R: Anthony Zurlo, Joseph Hayduk, and Edward Donahue.

Middle Row L-R: Tony Tomaacio, Stanley Binchansky, and Samuel Whitsel.

Front Row: Thomas R. Daugherty

All spellings are as they appear on the back of the photo. The photo was taken between 1934 and 1935. This photo was submitted by Frank Kroboth. You can see where these men were from and their roles in the Civilian Conservation Corps photo album.  

This roster appeared inside Volume 1, No. 9 of the December 1935 issue of the Owl's Gap Hoot N Howl camp newsletter. It was submitted by Frank Kroboth. You can find all of these names as well as many others on the Civilian Conservation Corps Workers page.

 The above roster was submitted by Keith Kenawell from the 1940 Thanksgiving Menu and Roster.

The officers quarters still exists and has been turned into a private residence.

You can view names of workers who served at the CCC camps by clicking on Civilian Conservation Corps Workers.

If you know of someone who served with the CCC, who is not listed on the worker's page, please complete a CCC Roll Call Form, and their name will be added to the list.

Additional Information

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources maintains information on all of the CCC camps in Huntingdon County and Pennsylvania. To learn more about the S-60 Whipple Place camp, you can click on the link.

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