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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

S-57 Paradise Furnace Company 1331

The Paradise Furnace camp, located in the southern part of Huntingdon County in what is today Trough Creek State Park, operated from June 16, 1933, until late in 1941 (Civilian Conservation Corps, 1983, p. 12). When the enrollees arrived, they found themselves under the supervision of Captain Francis P. Simpson with the 12th U. S. Infantry. The men quickly set to work on building roads such as the John Bunn Road and the Fink Road. They also built the Raven Rock, Balanced Rock, Abbott Run, School House, and Laurel Run Scenic Trails. In addition, they maintained the Trough Creek Drive, the Paradise Road, and the Hill Farm Road (Gill, 1933).

A "tent city" at the Paradise Furnace camp before the barracks were constructed

 Paradise Furnace (Trough Creek) camp; "A general view of Camp S-57 Penna. 'The Newest Little Town on Trough Creek Drive'"

Photographs courtesy of Trough Creek State Park

You can view names of workers who served at the CCC camps by clicking on Civilian Conservation Corps Workers.

If you know of someone who served with the CCC, who is not listed on the worker's page, please complete a CCC Roll Call Form, and their name will be added to the list.

Additional Information

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources also maintains information on Civilian Conservation Corps camps in Huntingdon County and Pennsylvania. You can obtain additional information on S-57 Paradise Furnace by clicking on the link.

There is also a Google Doc that is a scanned brochure from Trough Creek State Park that includes information on the history of the CCC. 

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