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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Property Owners

AITCH - The Lost Town

With the construction of Raystown Lake, many property owners lost their homes and cottages in the face of development. Most of these properties ended up under the water, including parts of the town of Aitch.

I worked for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for a number of years throughout high school and college. One of the most frequently asked visitor questions was about the town of Aitch. Everyone wanted to learn more about this town.

As seen in Pomroy's 1873 Atlas of Blair and Huntingdon Counties above, the town was first known as Grantsville. It was renamed Aitch to avoid confusion with the railroad station in Grantsville, MD. The name of Aitch was formed from the last names of the prominent families:

A - Auman

I - Isett

T - Thomas Enyeart

C - Crum

H - Haffley

Throughout time, Aitch had it's own general store, gas station, post office, train station, ice cream shop, railroad water tank, tin shop, horse barn, school, mill, and zip code - 16610!

You can find photos of the residences in Aitch in the Aitch Photo Album. The photos in the album list the last family to reside in the home. However, I do have a list of all of the known families to reside in each home. You can access the list of Previous Home Owners by clicking on the link. Many of these names were given to me by the late Clair "Pappy" Hetrick. Other former residents of Aitch, including Clair Grove, John Lynn, and Jean (Lynn) Bookwalter also helped to clarify some names and residences after Pappy Hetrick died. The list may not be perfect...if you see an error, please let me know.

The old saying used to be that "You have to go through Aitch to get to Paradise." referring to the road that led through the village of Aitch to the area known as Paradise Furnace, which is now part of Trough Creek State Park.

Other Property Owners Along the Raystown

The Woodcock Valley was home to a tremendous amount of land owners who had cottages along the Old Raystown. When Raystown Lake was constructed, the cottages were all taken, and many of the land owners did not seek to rebuild elsewhere in the area. This file lists landowners who owned land when Raystown Lake was built. The list includes both cottage owners and full time residents. The list is not complete, and I will work on it as time permits.

Property Owners

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