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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Grafton School

The Grafton School, also known as the Hesston School, is located in the village of Hesston. Grafton was the name of the town before it became known as Hesston. The school is now a private residence located on Turkey Farm Road.

Teachers at the Grafton School

If you can add teachers to the table below, please complete the Teacher Roll Call form, and I will add your information!

 Teacher's Name


J. Brook Walls

abt. 1916

Philip Franklin Garner

Prior to 1919

Lester Gutshall


Helen Snare



Philip Garner with his class at the Grafton School. This photo was contributed by Betsy (Garner) Carpenter.

 Back row: Jim Fink, Ken Hinkle, Floyd Huntsman, Suzanne Ankeney, Darla Grove, Mildred Ronk, Dolly Lewis, Mrs Helen Snare, teacher, Vivian Yocum,Jean Fink, Clinton Huntsman, Fred Holland, Jim Hinkle

2nd row: Barry Hoover, Bonnie Grove, Sandy Brubaker, Sarah Ronk, Carol Ronk, Pearl Ronk, Sarah Mae Thomas, Randa Hoover, Patty Holland, Diane Ronk, Pam Hoover, Dick Hess

Front Row: Wilbur Ronk, Ronnie Russell, Mark Hoover, John Ronk, Wayne Hinkle, Harold Norris, Rodney Briggs, (???), Steve Hoover, (??), Dave Edwards - Photo contributed by Ruby (McCall) Shearburn

Back row: Mrs Helen Snare, teacher, Darla Grove, Mary Ronk, Mildred Ronk,Beverly Briggs, Martha Norris

3rd row: Ken Hinkle, Clinton Huntsman, Sandy Brubaker, Pearl Ronk, Bonnie Grove, Sarah Ronk, Vivian Yocum, Suzanne Ankeney, Dolly Lewis,Floyd Huntsman, Raymond Ronk, Fred Holland

2nd row: (???), Ronnie Russell, Matt Hoover, Rodney Briggs, (???), Wilbur Ronk, Barry Hoover, Dave Edwards, Dick Hess, Jim Fink, Jim Hinkle

Front row: Sarah Mae Thomas, Jean Fink, Darla Spenser, John Ronk, Carol Ronk, Steve Hoover, Patty Holland, Wayne Hinkle, Randa Hoover, Tim Hoover, Diane Ronk, Pam Hoover, Mark Hoover - submitted by Ruby (McCall) Shearburn 

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