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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Arch Spring Cemetery

The Arch Spring Cemetery is located on Kettle Road in the Sinking Valley area of Blair County, PA. The cemetery is also referred to as the Sinking Valley Cemetery. This is a partial transcription of the cemetery. Photos of the transcribed stones are available; use the Contact Me form to the left if you would like photos of the stones listed below. The transcription was completed on 4/21/2012. Other photos and transcriptions completed by others can be found at the Arch Spring Cemetery link.

Isett, Sidney T., son of Edward Bell & Elizabeth Dysart Isett, 1867-1941

Isett, Edith Waite, wife of Sidney T. Isett, 8/17/1876 - 1/3/1978

Isett, Muriel E., daughter of Sidney and Edith Isett, 6/10/1905 - 1/31/2002

Isett, Lucetta B., wife of John B. Isett, 1856-1912

Isett, Edward B. 1826-1916 and Elizabeth D. 1827-1901

Henderson, Alice Isett, daughter of Edward Bell and Eliz. Dysart Isett, 11/10/1860 - 12/22/1923

Owens, Eleanor Isett 1/23/1869 - 4/2/1939

Humer, James Guthrie, born in Carlisle July 1855, died in Altoona Feb. 1916

Humer, Sarah Isett, daughter of E. B. & E. D. Isett, born at Spruce Creek 11/20/1864, died at Altoona 2/21/1947

Humer, Edward Isett 1893-1954, Grace S. 1896-1970

Isett, Jacob H., died 6/5/1897 at 68 y 7 m 8 d

Isett, Margarett C. 1829-1915

Isett, George D. 9/24/1838 - 2/9/1901, Susan E. 10/14/1836 - 11/23/1901

Isett, Samuel 6/25/1808 - 5/18/1895, Mary Ann 2/10/1818 - 10/1/1900

Thompson, Sidney, died 10/25/1888 at 54 y

Thompson, Lucetta K. 11/28/1842 - 3/28/1925

Bailey, Marybelle Thompson 1875-1926

Dysart, Alexander, died 3/27/1866 at 57 y

Crawford, Lucinda, wife of Joseph Dysart, 1821-1841

Isett, ohn S., son of Jacob and E. S. Isett

Isett, Mary Ann, wife of John S. Isett, died 4/20/1890 at 80 y 15 d

Maclay, _________, b. __/__1840, d. 4/20/1863

Maclay, Mary, d. 4/19/1897 at 92 y

Isett, Mary A., daughter of E. B. & E. D. Isett, died 7/6/1874

Isett, Frank B., son of John S. & Mary A. Isett, died 3/14/1871 at 25 y 9 m 13 d

Isett, Mary Ann, wife of Jacob H. Isett, died 9/5/1850 at 21 y

Isett, John Bell, son of Jacob H. & Mary Ann Isett, died 10/7/1850 at 6 m


Isett, Samuel

Isett, Samuel, son of J. S. & M. A. Isett, died 2/1/1849

Isett, Infant son of S. & M. A. D. Isett

Thompson, Infant son of S. & L. K. Thompson

Isett, Infant son of S. & M. A. D. Isett

Isett, Martin Thomas, infant son of John S. & Mary Ann Isett, died 1/29/1835

Isett, Margaret, died 6/271828 at 15 y 5 m 9 d

Isett, Jacob, d. 6/2/1852 at 92 y 3 m

Isett, Eleanor Stockdale, died 4/1/1827 at 53 y 2 m

Isett, Eliza, died 4/21/1818 at 16 y 4 m

Isett, Mrs. Mary died 10/3/1816 at 88 y

Isett, Mary, died 2/20/1877 at 81 y 20 d

Isett, Charles K. 1871-1940

Isett, Annette B. 1881-1971

Rhoads, Henry Raymond 1865-1936, Amy Isett 1868-1948

Isett, David Butts 1864-1939 

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