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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Enyeart Family Enyeart Family Davis Enyeart (1837-1905) 102384143 Lt. Davis Enyeart (1837-1905) Taken near the end of the Civil War 102384239 Davis Enyeart (1837-1905) 102384234 Martha Frank Enyeart (1845-1888) Wife of Davis 102384233 Davis Enyeart (1837-1905) 102384235 Grace (Weimer) and Wilmer Enyeart Son and daughter-in-law of Davis and Martha. Taken in 1900 Wilmer Enyeart (1872-1960) Grace Weimer Enyeart (1872-1945) 102384232 Wilmer Enyeart (1872-1960) Son of Davis and Martha Enyeart 102384236 Flora Enyeart (1884-1974) Daughter of Davis and Martha Enyeart 102384237 Wilday, Wilmer and Elmer Enyeart Sons of Davis and Martha Wilday (1876-1922) Wilmer (1872-1960) Elmer (1868-1946) 102384238 Leslie Enyeart Family L to R: John W. Enyeart (1915-1980), Esther Richard Enyeart (1893-1971), Warren Leslie "Les" Enyeart (1892-1978) Les was the son of Davis and Malinda Enyeart 131118365 Elmer Enyeart Hunting Cabin Elmer Enyeart (1868-1946) at his hunting cabin. 131118364 Davis Enyeart House Davis Enyeart residence in Entriken in 1872 131118363 Thomas M. Enyeart Family Thomas M. Enyeart (1853-1935) with his wife Annie (Moyer) Enyeart (1849-1934) and two children in their home at Aitch Emma Bookwalter and John Knode. 161616840 Catherine Mary Jane (Rinker) Enyeart (1915-1991) "Katie" was the daughter of Raymond O. and Anna Ella (Anderson) Rinker. She married David Henry Enyeart (1914-1983). 181856514 Marriage License for B. Franklin Enyeart and Clara H. Schopper 95144941 David and Catherine (Rinker) Enyeart David Henry Enyeart (1914-1983), and his wife, Catherine Mary Jane (Rinker) Enyeart (1915-1991). 182810662 David and Katie (Rinker) Enyeart David Henry Enyeart (1914-1983), and his wife, Catherine Mary Jane (Rinker) Enyeart (1915-1991). 182810783 Donald David Enyeart Donald "Big Brother" Enyeart was the son of David Henry and Catherine Mary Jane "Katie" (Rinker) Enyeart. 182810663

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