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Genealogy of the Woodcock Valley

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania


Thomas C. Fisher Civil War Letter

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 9:35 PM

On the days my son goes to preschool this summer, I've been making some time for myself and have been hanging out in the Huntingdon County Court House and the Huntingdon County Historical Society.  It has been super hot here in central Pennsylvania this summer, and while neither are air-conditioned facilities, they are still cool places to hang out!

I have been researching various family lines incuding my Fisher, Shriner, Matthew(s), and Woomer families.  This week, I found an interesting discovery in the Fisher family name file at the Huntingdon County Historical Society that I wanted to share with everyone.

I scanned a Civil War letter written by Thomas C. Fisher of Huntingdon to his brother.  The letter is dated February 15, 1863 and was written near the Stafford Court House in Virginia.  

Thomas C. Fisher, who died, June 24, 1883 near Philadelphia (presumably in a hospital there since he still lived in Huntingdon) was the son of Thomas Fisher (1802-1883) and Rachel (Jackson) Fisher.  From my research, he was one of at least ten children born to the couple.  His siblings included Horatio Gates Fisher, Belle Fisher, Frances J. (Fisher) Andrew, Rebecca D. Fisher, John A. Fisher, Mary (Fisher) Miller, Willemina Fisher, Letitia B. (Fisher) Bailey, Katherine (Fisher) Blair, and Willie Fisher.  Willemina and Willie may be one in the same.  I found an obit for both - one saying daughter of and one saying son of and both dying in the same year, 1854.  If they are not the same, then they most likely were twins.

Thomas C. Fisher enlisted on August 15, 1862 in Co. C of the 125th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and served until May 1863.  The 125th consisted of many men from Huntingdon and Blair Counties.  A virtual cemetery for the men of the 125th was created on Find A Grave by Donald Coho.  

Thomas C. Fisher married Isabella "Belle" (Creigh) Miles on March 12, 1867.  She was the widow of John Blanchard Miles, who served with the 49th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and was killed at Spottsylvania Court House.

The letter was of particular interest to me, because it mentions Isett and Watson not being chosen as the second lieutenant.  Thomas was obviously not happy with the appointment made.  

There were two Isett men in his unit, Aaron B. Isett (1837-1914) and John Dysart Isett.  There is a lot of speculation as to whether Aaron Isett even served in the Civil War or whether he paid someone to serve for him, so it is highly unlikely the Isett reference in the letter is to Aaron.  It more than likely refers to John Dysart Isett (1838-1881), the son of John Stockdale Isett and Mary Ann (Bell) Isett.  This particular Isett family was from the Sinking Valley area of Blair County, PA.

The Watson reference was most likely to L. Frank Watson.  I have researched many Watson lines in both Huntingdon and Blair Counties, but can not find any more information about L. Frank Watson.  There is a Frank Watson in the 1870 census for Huntingdon County, who was born in Delaware, living with his wife Sarah and son James.  If this is indeed the same Frank Watson and he was from Delaware, then he is most likely not related to any of the local Watson families.

I do not immediately have family ties between Thomas C. Fisher and my own Fisher line.  Thomas C. Fisher's grandparents were Samuel Fisher and Rebecca (Dorland) Fisher.  Samuel Fisher was born about 1779 and died in 1812.  Rebecca died in 1802 after the birth of her son Thomas.  Samuel Fisher remarried to Mary Lyon in 1804 and together they had children John, Anna, Catharine, and Elizabeth.  His daughter Mary was born after his death in 1812.  

I do not know anything about Samuel Fisher's parents.  He was of an age to be a possible relation to my Henry Fisher (1796-1876).  Some have speculated that they may have been brothers, but I have no proof of this.

Regardless of my connections or lack thereof to the Civil War letter of Thomas C. Fisher, it is still quite an interesting piece of Huntingdon County history that I am glad to be able to share.

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